Geeva Samynathan

Geeva Samynathan is a strong believer that a positive self-image raises your confidence level dramatically and that a person with good grooming and poise automatically stands out in the crowd.

As a highly qualified lawyer, entrepreneur, experienced executive level manager, and business owner of ECTAA, Geeva has had plenty of opportunity to put her beliefs to the test. Through years of both professional and personal experience, Geeva has learnt that civility and etiquette are the secrets to thriving in the modern world. In her own words “Respect for oneself and for others is a distinguishing factor in determining personal and professional success.”

Geeva is able to share her experience and expertise with others and is dedicated in promoting civility in image transformation and behavioral transformation. Geeva is a certified Personal Branding Expert, a Certified Image Master, and a Lifestyle Coach and is the 1st Master Trainer from ByFerial, Australia and a Certified Civility Trainer status with the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium, Canada and a member of the Civility Experts Malaysia consulting team. She is also certified by Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) in Malaysia. Her niche expertise and entrepreneurial savvy have put her on the path to becoming a household name in Southeast Asia. Geeva has won several awards for her work including the International Entrepreneur Award, in Sri Lanka (2014), the Genre Excellence Professional & Career Women Awards, Emerging Entrepreneur Excellence Award (2014) and an International Goodwill Ambassador Award, Malaysia China Silk Road (2016). She has also completed Women On Board Training, Malaysia in 2014.

Geeva’s commitment to etiquette and ethics goes beyond her professional life. Geeva believes that “there is a need to be socially responsible and give back to the society”. She takes great pride in her work with several women’s organizations including being an executive with the National Association Women Entrepreneur Malaysia (NAWEM) which allows her to actively immerse herself in social work and welfare. In addition, Geeva serves as a brand ambassador with World Organics, New Zealand which allows her to live and promote an Organic lifestyle; from the food she eats, to her own beauty regiment Geeva knows first-hand the benefits of a socially responsible lifestyle.

Joanne Hoo

Joanne Hoo is one of only nine Master Civility Trainers in the world. She was trained by Civility Experts Worldwide and credentialed through the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium. She is also an accredited AICI image consultant and has trained with several acclaimed image experts. She served as Vice President – Membership of The Association of Image Consultants International, Chapter Malaysia 2014-2016.

In her coaching and training programs, Joanne goes beyond traditional image transformation and general etiquette practices because she believes that one must be able to appreciate the fundamentals of civility in order to make lasting change. Through In Good Company Malaysia, Joanne’s team offers civility training, workshops, and presentations focused on character, confidence, social intelligence, courtesy, and civility for all ages.

In addition to civility pursuits, Joanne maintains her position as a company director of an established financial related company that stands tall in Malaysia in the past 50 years. She has successfully applied her civility training to help the company to build the culture of mutual respect, and trust, and to nurture a sense of belonging among the staff. This workplace civility initiative resulted in reduced turnover, with an impressive 10 serving years being the minimum years of service of her current staff.

In addition to corporate training for Maybank specializing in programs on communication and rapport building, Joanne has also coached trainers of Great Eastern to develop solid content on professional image and effective training methodologies. On a personal note, helping women to gain confidence and build character has always been a private passion for Joanne. As such, she has trained beauticians from the Michelle Lazar group, distributors from Amway, and teachers from Bangsar Children Development Centre.

Aniqah Husda

With a genuine passion for a successful image, Aniqah Husda aims to empower everyone with smart social skills. A lecturer by profession, she channels her 15 years experience in training and education and develops broad expertise in communication, protocol and etiquette.

Certified with Bachelors in TESL and Masters in Instructional Technology, Aniqah Husda begins her interest in behavioral studies since serving as a teaching assistant to asylum seekers from Rwanda in Berger Primary School, UK in 1999. She helped increase confidence among children refugees through role plays and games, and from then on, Aniqah developed a keen eye for communication through verbal and non verbal interaction.

Aniqah resumes teaching English in local colleges and while observing students for job interviews, Aniqah recognizes social skills as a critical prerequisite for success as a professional. Hence, she trained as an image consultant through SWET under Sheila Wong (AICI CIP), a renown image Master Trainer in Asia. She assisted and co-trained with SWET and various agencies for Naza KIA, Maybank, Sunway University, KPJ Healthcare Berhad, PETRONAS and the list is growing. In April 2015 she was hired by CDC Malaysia to train 1600 M.A.S retrenched staff in job preparation skills and resume writing.

She is also a certified PSMB trainer and in 2013 received a Certificate in Advanced Style and Color Analysis through Improvability Image UK. Aniqah’s flair in women’s grooming makes her a sought after stylist in the Muslim hijab community and beauty pageantry. Her mission is to add value always, and create the best learning experience in all her workshops and seminars.

With her passion in positive attitude and image, she aims to deliver from the heart and create wisdom in presenting oneself. Her enthusiasm and engaging demeanour makes her training workshops and seminar stand out as entertaining, effective and adds value to the lives she touched.