“The success of an individual lies in their personal brand image they portray. Therefore the success of a company lies in its most valuable resource, which is the people who represents the company as their brand.”

Ectaa is a personal and professional training and consultancy company offering its services both in Malaysia and other Asia Pacific countries with an aim to cultivate individual self performance, self image and etiquette by encouraging confidence and success within a person that leads to be the brand of an employee in an organization. Ectaa is known for its reputation and recognition both in Malaysia and in Asia Pacific which is largely mentioned in the media including the print, radio and television. We have an objective which is widely accepted and have received high recognition, “We Help You Create a Brand, a Brand called you”.

Ectaa depicts the company’s stronghold in positioning the utmost creative approach in delivering a unique method in bringing out the best in every person. Ectaa aims to achieve maximum results for both individuals and organizations, by building an effective chain of seamless performance and growth opportunities together.

Ectaa adheres to and accepts the diversity in cultural differences that are apparent in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region and caters to it accordingly by being flexible in its training approach.

Our trainers and personal branding experts use an approach which will appraise, enlighten and motivate, which will in turn, build greater advancement and success in our client investment with us. For this, we ensure in re-making, re-branding, re-marketing and re-advertising for the advancement of the client that chooses to work with us.

Personality skills, people skills and soft skills are personal competencies that relate to a persons ability to interact successfully and effectively with people in and outside the workplace. These skills are integral to the success of an individual and organization, thus becoming a necessity in technical and standard qualification of every individual.